Pisa is an old Maritime Republic, together with Amalfi, Venice and Genoa.
The Piazza dei Miracoli (the Cathedral Square) is the most outstanding of its works of art and is inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage List.
The Cathedral was built between 1063 and 1118 in Romanesque style with white and colorful marble. The bronze door was casted by Bonanno Pisano, the marble Pulpit was carved by Giovanni Pisano.
The leaning tower was built as the bell tower of the Cathedral in 12th Century. It is 180 feet tall and it started leaning ten years after the construction. It is considered one of the most important monument of Italy.


Lucca is one of the main Italian art cities, mostly known for the still intact ring of walls that was built between the 15th and 17th Centuries.
This imposing fortification embraces a perimeter of over 4,600 yards all around the old town center.
Lucca is one of the four Italian cities preserving its entire Renaissance defending system.
The main street is called Via Fillungo, flanked with the finest stores.
Piazza San Michele is the heart of the city, together with the St. Martin Square and the Napoleon Square with the Giglio Theater.


(Duration of the tour: 9 hours. For cruisers: 8.00 AM/5.00 PM)

Pisa and Lucca Tour. Not far from each other, Pisa and Lucca are both marvelous cities, full of history and traditions.

The Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) with the leaning tower is definitely the symbol of Italy all over the world.

The ancient walls of Lucca surround the heart of the town center and invite to unforgettable walks.

See Lucca and enjoy an enchanted atmosphere of a legacy of glorious centuries.

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