The village of Vinci is in the north of Tuscany, at the slopes of the Montalbano hills. The countryside is scattered with olive groves and vineyards. In 1452 Vinci was the birthplace of the great Leonardo, world-wide known as one of the greatest geniuses of humankind
The oldest town center has a quite unusual almond shaped structure while from an aerial view it resembles a vessel with two masts.


Lucca is one of the main Italian art cities, mostly known for the still intact ring of walls that was built between the 15th and 17th Centuries.
This imposing fortification embraces a perimeter of over 4,600 yards all around the old town center.
Lucca is one of the four Italian cities preserving its entire Renaissance defending system.
The main street is called Via Fillungo, flanked with the finest stores.
Piazza San Michele is the heart of the city, together with the St. Martin Square and the Napoleon Square with the Giglio Theater.


Wine tasting and Vinci and Lucca Tour. Vinci and Lucca are both unique charming places, surrounded by a green countryside, rich in important wineries.

The many old wine cellars are the right place for a tour dedicated to wine tasting in Tuscany.

Vinci is world-famous as the birthplace of Leonardo (1452-1519), the great scientist and artist, whose incomparable talent has been the brightest example of genius since ever.

Vinci dedicated a museum to its greatest son. Right in the town center, the Museo Leonardiano, traces the entire range of Leonardo’s creations.

The fortification walls of Lucca can be traversed on foot or by bicycle. Lucca welcomes its visitors with elegant streets, wonderful churches and elegant palaces throughout the old town center.

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